We are a friendly pack and look forward to making you feel welcome. The guidelines below are to help those who have not been out with us before and may also be useful to more experienced followers. These guidelines help to ensure the day runs smoothly, safely and that everyone enjoys themselves.

If there is anything you are unsure of, just ask!

Before coming hunting please contact the Secretary for meet, parking and payment information. To contact the secretary please email Details of subscriptions can be found here.


You should find out who the 'Master of the Day' is, and make yourself known to them by saying "Good Morning Master". They will guide the mounted followers (field) during the day’s hunting and know where the field can or can’t go. Their instructions must always be followed.

The Field Secretary (Cap Collector) will collect the cap from mounted followers at the Meet (if you have paid by BACS in advance please let the Field Secretary know). It is your responsibility to find the Field Secretary and pay your cap.

No dogs should be at the meet, they should be kept on a lead throughout the day and away from coverts.



Hounds take priority and must be respected. Please give way to hounds and hunt staff at all times, give them space at the meet and when standing still.

If you hear ‘Hounds Please’, this means that hounds and/or hunt staff are coming past. If they come towards you always turn your horse to face hounds to minimize the risk of your horse kicking out.

If hounds are trying to catch up, call out “hound on the left/right”, so that people ahead can get out of the way. Similarly if the Huntsman is try to pass "Huntsman on the left/right" or "Huntsman please".


Horses that are liable to kick should have a red ribbon/tape in their tail and be kept to the back. If you have a young or inexperienced horse or you are unsure of its temperament around other horses, it should have a green ribbon/tape in its tail.

Mounted followers should stay behind the Field Master unless told otherwise.

Quad Bikes

Quad bikes should be switched off while hounds are in covert, unless instructed otherwise


Jumping is optional, there will be people who do not wish to jump and there will be a gate option or alternative route to take. It is important that you check where to go if unsure.

Only jump if the Field Master has gone first or indicated that it is OK to jump.

Always give Hunt Staff priority, don’t attempt to jump if a hound is anywhere near the jump.

If you stop at a jump you should let other riders past before approaching the jump again.

If you break a jump /gate /fence, make sure it is made stock proof before your go on and report the breakage to the Field Master.


All gates which are shut must be shut after you pass through. If in doubt whether a gate was open or not, always shut it.

If no-one is following behind you, it is your responsibility to shut the gate before rejoining the rest of the field.

If there are people following behind you, shout 'gate please' so that they know the gate needs shutting. Make sure they have heard you.

Be ready to open gates for the Huntsman or Field Master: this will be much appreciated.


Please do not hold up other road users, if you hear “Car, please”, its more than likely a non-hunting car would like to get through , you should move to the side to let them pass. Remember to thank other road users, it is important to make a good impression.


As a mark of respect to the landowners who allow us to cross their land it is important to be well presented. We don't expect brand new shiny kit but it should be clean and tidy.

Horses - Should be clean and tidy, manes should be plaited for Lawn Meets unless hogged.

Riders - Normal dress for autumn hunting (or for children throughout the season) is light coloured breeches, tweed coat, collar and tie. From October a coloured stock may be worn.

Normal dress for the rest of the season is a black or navy coat for adults and light coloured breeches with a white / cream stock.

Hats - black or navy hard hat with the ribbons sewn up, or a skull cap with black or navy silk.

Boots - plain black boots or topped boots (gentlemen only).

Wet weather - tidy waterproofs can be worn.


As with any activity, accidents can happen. Please report any accidents or damages to the Master on the day.


Children are very welcome, but must be accompanied by a competent, responsible adult at all times.


Please keep gateways clear, do not block or restrict farm or public access.

Remember to clear up after your horse.


At the end of the day (or when you choose to go home), please let the Field Master know you are going home. The correct term is "Goodnight".

Most importantly, enjoy your day!